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Gavin Rossdale Gear List



’61 Fender Jazzmaster Black

’65 Fender Jazzmaster Purple

Fender Jazzmaster White “Pin Up” (possible Fender Custom Shop)

Fender Jazzmaster 3 tone Sunburst fitted w/ Seymour Duncan Parallel Axis Trembucker pickups (rumored to be a Japanese reissue) also lead to production of the Squier Jagmaster in ‘96

Fender Stratocasters mostly fitted w/ Lace Sensor pickups (Inca Silver HSS, Olympic White, Surf Green, Sherwood Green Metallic)

‘60’s Fender Jazz Bass Blonde

Gibson SG Blonde

Gibson Les Paul Silverburst

’57 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top

Gibson ES-330

Yamaha Acoustic Electric Black


Fender Bassman

Fender Tremolux

70′s Fender Twin

’55 Fender Tweed Deluxe

Mesa Blue Angel

Mesa Trem-O-Verb

Bob Bradshaw-designed amp from Custom Audio

Line 6 modeling amp

Effects (Bush)

Bixonic Expandora

MXR Micro Amp

Vintage Electro-Harmonix pedals

Morley Wah/Volume

SIB Varidrive overdrive/distortion

Fulltone pedals most likely a ‘69

Effects (Solo)

T-Rex Replica Delay

Boss Digital Reverb

Fulltone Full Drive 2 Mosfet

Diamond Compressor

Visual Sound H20 Delay/Chorus

Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Electric Mistress

Morley Wah/Volume

Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro Midi Foot Controller

source: @michaelhumpal