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BUSH: VIP Packages via VIP Nation


BUSH has VIP packages available through VIP Nation > check em out here > includes a meet and greet with the band!

The Multi-platinum rock band celebrate their upcoming tour with a new studio album, coming out this September! VIP packages include meet and greet with the band, photo op, exclusive merchandise and more. Choose from two packages.

VIP packages on sale starting Tues. August 16th! – Today!

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Mike Pedicone: New Drummer for My Chemical Romance


My Chemical Romance have announced a replacement for drummer Bob Bryar who left the band in March. The band has enlisted Mike Pedicone, formerly of The Bled and Gavin Rossdale.

Mike Pedicone tweets: “So many questions from all ya killjoys! I am thrilled to be drumming in MCR exclusively and to be a part of the fam. See you all soon!”

Mike and his new band My Chemical Romance played their first UK gig in three years last night (Saturday, October 23) at London’s Hammersmith Apollo. more info here

more info here:

My Chemical Romance The Ghost Of You @ Hammersmith Apollo on 23.10.10

via EXCLUSIVE: My Chemical Romance Gets New Drummer! « The Bay Area’s LIVE 105.

BUSH: Review – The Ritz Ybor



By Oscar Ramirez
Bush- The Ritz Ybor

So I got there later than expected. Same stage setup as Cali’s, No opening band. Merchandise consisted of shirts that just said Bush on the front with the new Bush font. On the back of the shirts, it said “Back 2010″. Bush started playing at around 8:30pm. I really like the intro sample they use for this tour, it really made Machineheads opening riff epic. Iam not going to lie, I thought the setlist would be longer than this, but it wasnt. Mainly because I believe the band is still fresh and have a few kinks to work out. For example: Gavin started earlier on the vocals for Afterlife accidently but corrected himself right after. During warm machine an entire measure of the second verse was cut off by the rest of the band as Gavin tried going into it, with a look of displeasure. And a few others, but that didnt take anything away from the energy of the show, and its completely understandable with the fact that they added songs to the standard playlist that werent expected in a short amount of time to rehearse.
Being able to watch Prizefighter, Warm Machine again and Alien is an experience in itself. Prizefighter brought back memories of ’99. Also Everything Zen is usually played longer than usual, but this time it felt longer than that, which was cool, and brought back alot of elements of the live shows from the 90′s. I dont think Ive ever seen it played longer than that night. Alien was a nice surprise, for many years it is safe to say that it’s the one song that fans have requested the most live, aside from singles.

I also have to add that Chris has seriously amazed me with how far he is has come, in his playing. He found a unique and creative way to extend the lead and technicality of the songs in ways I never would have pictured. I was really really stunned. And Cory played comedown and every other song so smoothly with complete confidence. All in All I can say we have a band here, that is a complete upgrade to what we had years ago, especially once they work out the schematics. Robins set was amplified with a really neat thump, that no band Ive ever seen use in that appropriate way. It really complimented explosive parts of every song.

After the show, the guys came out and greeted patient fans as always. And as always I try and get some new info.
NEW INFO: After asking the guys when the new album will be released, here is what I got.
-No music video has been recorded
-No trailer has been recorded
-And Everything Always Now, will not be released through Interscope any longer. And this is more of the bands decision. Gavin said “They scare me”. I got a little more insight about it than that, but its nothing I feel right about mentioning about in a review. This explains the plan for an October release falling through. I hope for the best. As a diehard fan, there is nothing more I want, than to listen to a new bush album asap. I can think of alot of Labels that market bands perfectly (island records, Equal vision, Vagrant), most of them indie, but with alot of pull and a successful roster.
-Also Cory added Mike Pedicone got hmiself a pretty big new gig with a “big” band. With the info being released soon.
Anyway, Iam looking forward to this album, regardless what, how ,and who its released through. All in all We have Bush back, and I have a feeling we have ALOT to look forward to with them, for years, and new eras.

Little Things
Greedy Fly
The People that we Love (Speed Kills)
Warm Machine
The Chemicals Between Us
Everything Zen

The Ritz Ybor photos and videos – here

Gavin Rossdale: Shooting Afterlife Video and Album Trailer


Exciting news – Last week Gavin Rossdale @GavinRossdale tweeted that they are shooting the video for ‘Afterlife’ and the album trailer this week.

“Shooting the video and a trailer for the whole record next week.come on”

via Twitter / Gavin Rossdale: Shooting the video and a t ….

Gavin Rossdale’s last video trailer from Wanderlust

Gavin Rossdale: Cancels Summer dates?


just confirmed – the hermosa, chicago, milwaukee shows are still a go.

what’s going on? this sounds pretty big.. and good..??

according to Old Settler’s Days
Here is part of the announcement… Gavin Rossdale has canceled all of his summer dates, including OSD. But the best part of the announcement is yet to come!!!

Old Settler’s Days Everyone who purchsed tix for Gavin will get refunded…. But the question is who is coming instead????? Stay tuned!!

Gavin Rossdale: Tour – Band


Now that Gavin Rossdale’s tour is in full swing – alot of fans are interested in Gavin’s band. If you’ve met one of them and what more info about Gavin and his band check out here.

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