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BUZZFEST: Interview with Gavin Rossdale


Gavin Rossdale | Beacon Moment


Gavin Rossdale Interview with Beacon Audio

Men always react to smells. The scent of a passing woman is sure to turn his head. Even if he’s not a morning person, the aroma of coffee and fried foods can arouse him from sleep with a smile on his face. For Gavin Rossdale the stench of a rehearsal space drew him to music, and sent him out a musician.

In his BEACON Moment interview Gavin recounts the role America, Trauma Records, and radio station KROQ played in propelling his career forward.

The BEACON Moment is a decision, experience or choice that shapes the outcome of the rest of your life.

BUSH: Chris Traynor Interview


Chris Traynor Interivew with Artian News Service:

Bush guitarist Chris Traynor says that Bush’s successful comeback is making them look forward to the next album, but he said he wasn’t sure he was going to be part of the band’s resurgence.

BUSH: Gavin Rossdale Interview on The Alan Cox Show


The Alan Cox Show talked with Gavin Rossdale of Bush about playing this year’s Rock On The Range Festival, how it feels to be back playing with the band and his acting career.

Gavin Rossdale: I live in the moment


The Bush frontman (was) currently touring with Nickelback. Gavin tends to avoid reminiscing about past stage performances as he’d rather look forward with his career.

“I’ve just always loved it,” he told kerrang! magazine when asked how playing live now compares to past shows. “I never really think about myself [in the past] – I can’t do it.

“I just like being in the moment. There’s much less concern and worry if you live completely in the moment.”

via Gavin Rossdale: I live in the moment – News, Entertainment – Belfasttelegraph.co.uk.

Gavin Rossdale: Interivew


A Q&A with Gavin Rossdale of Bush

by Kevin Tall of Creative Loafing Tampa

Bush played The Ritz on August 2 and Kevin Tall caught up with lead singer Gavin Rossdale for a quick chat.

Bush played The Ritz on August 2 and Kevin Tall caught up with lead singer Gavin Rossdale for a quick chat before the band headed to Europe to finish off their summer tour.

Kevin Tall: How was the American leg of your tour this summer?

Gavin Rossdale: Oh, it was fantastic. I make a habit of having low expectations so everything is a bonus, but this was really quite special. It was a great opportunity to connect with so many people and I had a blast. They tried to kill me on the schedule—I ended up with 21 shows in 19 days, so it’s really good [if you’re] 22 but jeez…

Your latest album, The Sea of Memories, has been out almost a year. It’s an ambitious sound, especially coming a full decade after Bush’s last release. How pleased are you with its reception?
Thrilled. For me the whole thing was to do the record to cure my insomnia and depression at not doing what I love the most and almost taking the turn that I felt I shouldn’t take and really come down to not doing my band. So to get the opportunity just to make a Bush record was an achievement in itself because I couldn’t let it die or lie, you know what I mean? Just to see the printed record… I already felt like the king of my own stupid hill, you know? The rest of it, the reception of the record, the shows and everything like that, it’s just been magical.

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