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Bush Performs The Sound of Winter on The View


Bush Performs “The Sound of Winter” on The View

BUSH: Perform at Triple M and Gavin Rossdale Interview


BUSH Performs at Australian Rock Station TRIPLE M
The Sound of Winter


Gavin Rossdale Interview

BUSH: Live In-Studio, Radio Hamburg


Gavin Rossdale and Chris Traynor made a visit to Radio Hamburg, they covered Breathe from Pink Floyd and played their #1 Hit The Sound Of Winter.

In-Studio Photos – Here
Bush – Breathe (Pink Floyd Cover Live bei Radio Hamburg)

Bush – Sound of Winter (Live bei Radio Hamburg)

BUSH: Interview with Corey Britz


Corey Brtiz Interview with Luxembourg website 352luxmag.lu.

The bassist shoots the breeze on touring, having to dye his hair regularly and on the overwhelming support he has had from fans since joining Bush full time.

Interview by Stephen Lowe on 352luxmag.lu

Bush are now settled into a new format, they’ve released an album, the Sea Of Memories, which is going down well both in the press and with fans on tour. Now that there is a sense of permanence in the group, the future looks to be a little rosier than the in-fighting and reticence reported when the band’s reformation was announced early last year. ”The show in Luxembourg was great, we were well received it was a good crowd – a nice big crowd, we had a great time,” says the laid back Corey Britz of their recent stop over at den Atelier.

Bush’s label earMUSIC claim that the band have had to spend a lot of time on the road touring new album Sea Of Memories, and, as a result Corey has not seen many hotel rooms. Thankfully we get to speak to him, finally, during some downtime and the one time session player with The Calling has a frog in his throat and an elephant in the room. Being on tour ”can drive you crazy” says the charismatic axeman, but we all have a good time on the bus, hanging out and doing whatnot.” The whatnot in question may explain Corey’s rougher vocal edge, though he explains ”I do a lot of the backing vocals and we’ve had a lot of shows in a row, so you know, I’m just feelin’ the pain a little bit.”

Bush 02
Photo by (by Sharon Vandeput)

There is the unspoken trend that tours tend to blur, Corey (pictured far left), though, enjoys the promotion slog; ”every show is standing up to the last one, you know what I mean. Each show has it’s own little something, little quirks, that I am really enjoying,” coming to Europe seems to have resonated too, he continues, ”It’s really fun going from city to city, especially in Europe – to places we don’t play an awful lot, and seeing the different crowds and the different reactions. We had a lot of fun in Vienna, and I had a lot of fun in Luxembourg cause I had a bunch of close friends, who live in Germany, come to see us.”

Corey’s musical past, not the Julie Andrews kind, was of a session musician for hire. When a band needed someone to come in and get the bass part licked, Corey was their man. He had a stint with The Calling for a while, but was never really a full member – a good thing in my mind – it was through a session contract that Corey first met one Gavin Rossdale. ”A few years back, when Gavin was working on The Wanderlust, his solo record, I was hired for studio work. We became good friends and when he deiced to get Bush back together, he needed to fill the bass spot and, well, he called me up.”


BUSH: The Sound Of Winter, Official Theme Song For Winter Dew Tour


Announced last week, The #1 hit by Bush, The Sound Of Winter, is the official theme song for the 2011-12 Winter Dew Tour.  see more info below..

The Winter Dew Tour has announced their 2011-12 theme song will be smash hit “The Sound of Winter” by multi-platinum rock band BUSH. The Winter Dew Tour features the world’s top freeskiers and snowboarders competing in superpipe and slopestyle, collecting top podium finishes over the season’s three stops to win the Dew Cup. With its driving beat and strong emotion,“The Sound of Winter” perfectly captures the feel of heavy competition and will serve as a fitting musical backdrop to the efforts of athletes as they push the limits of gravity with technical expertise on the mountain.
Opening and closing each NBC broadcast of this season’s Winter Dew Tour, “The Sound of Winter” will be featured in 25 broadcast hours, giving the contests an audible frame for a large live audience. The Dew Tour’s overseas broadcast partners will also use the song, reaching 54 countries around the globe.

BUSH recently made rock radio history with “The Sound of Winter” by becoming the first band ever to hit No. 1 at Alternative Radio with a self-released single. “The Sound Of Winter” appears on the group’s new album THE SEA OF MEMORIES, which is the first Bush disc to be released via the band’s own imprint, Zuma Rock Records (through an exclusive partnership with eOne Music).


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